Seamless Gutters Leaking?

With the spring coming soon and the warm air starting, all the snow and ice begin to melt, which is a good time to see if your gutters are working properly or are your seamless gutters leaking. I have been looking around at houses to see things that are going wrong, the ice will make your seamless gutters expand, which if not installed correct will cause corners to break open and water will drip or leak through. You will also see icicles form on your seamless gutters and downspouts where the gutter has been leaking, then when it gets cold at night again it will freeze where it has been leaking. At that point it is a good idea to replace your seamless gutters, adding more caulk to these areas will not help, it would be like putting a band aid on it. It would only last for a little bit. So what I want you to do is go out and look at your gutters when it is raining while there is still snow on the roof or in the gutters and see if it is leaking, if it is not then you shouldn't have to worry. Here are some photo's to show you what I mean about gutters that need to be replaced, where seams have opened up and corners have split open.




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