Leaf Solutions Micro Mesh Gutter Guard highestrated

  • Heavy duty .025 gauge aluminum.
  • 3 dips act as "speed bumps" to slow and catch water.
  • Slides under shingles or can be installed directly to fascia.
  • Medical grade stainless steel mesh.
  • Not even shingle grit can get through.
  • Comes in six different colors.
  • Lifetime 100% no-clog warranty.
  • More info www.leafsolution.com


RainDrop Gutter guardrecommended

  • Choice polypropylene material, damage resilience exceeds metal, UV stabilized, plus hail protection.
  • Superior vertical rib alignment allows greater water flow with debris shedding qualities.
  • Perfect aperture size for precise debris filtering
  • Built-in hinge “flex-flange” bend upward at any angle or bend down for drop-in style.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing profile, virtually invisible from curb side.
  • Horizontal ribs enhance water siphoning.
  • Reverse “Raindrop” bar design provides greater water capacity.
  • Universal front mount adaptable to any gutter edge.
  • 10 year enhanced warranty.
  • More info www.raindropgutterguard.com


E-Z Under Powder Coated Screensbestvalue

  • Will shed medium to heavy debris loads with small-sized holes.
  • The drop in gutter screen is virtually undetectable from the ground.
  • Comes in black and works with any style of gutter.
  • This leaf guard is flat heavy commercial grade product made of powder coated steel.
  • An affordable product for keeping leaves and twigs out of your gutters.
  • Fits under shingles and fastens with screws to the gutter front.
  • Special order available in copper.