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Why is copper guttering thought of as the most eco-friendly metal gutter material?

Copper is one of a few materials that is fully sustainable being 100% recyclable and to date 12% of current known reserves have ever been mined with 90% of copper scrap being reused. No other metal guttering, much less plastics, can come close to matching copper in this vital area. Copper is considered a green metal and not just for its color.

How long is your copper guttering expected to last?

Once installed your copper gutter will last in excess of 100 years being extremely durable and resistant to corrosion in any atmosphere.

What about maintaining your copper gutter?

Unlike most other metal guttering systems your copper guttering will not require any painting or cleaning and virtually no maintenance. it is therefore particularly suited for areas that are difficult or dangerous to access after completion.

When should you expect your copper guttering to go green?

It takes approximately 15-20 years for your copper guttering to develop the green verdigris patina. However if you don't want to wait that long we have a solution that can be applied after installation that changes the copper green within a few hours.

Can I stop my copper guttering from going green?

Eventually your copper guttering will always go green and we recommend that you do not coat the copper to try and keep it bright, as it is the continuous changing colour of the copper that protects it and stops any corrosion.

Can I use copper guttering with cedar shingles?

Yes, these two materials are compatible. It is even recommended that when installing a cedar shingle roof copper strips are attached to the roof ridge to help prevent moss build up.  
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