Seamless Gutters in La Crosse, WI

My experience in the installation of seamless gutters is well rounded, having seen and met all types of job challenges. I have seen many things in the La Crosse area that can be done better . For me I like to make sure there is a little stronger pitch on the seamless gutters so the water can exit the downspouts faster for better draining. I also like to use the larger 3x4 downspouts to ensure that the seamless gutters have a less chance of getting clogged. I also like to install my gutter brackets 2' on center to ensure that the seamless gutters have a strong face for ladders to be set on, and for the seamless gutters to be able to hold the ice dams that will occur through out the winter. Some gutter companies in the La Crosse area also use products like self leveling caulk and a silicone type caulk, which both will crack and leak. With the self leveling caulk, it will level out so smooth, that it cracks like the caulk used in the picture. Also with the seamless gutters I like to use strip mitres for the corners rather than box corners, which in the picture you can see that with this type of corner there will be 3 separate seams to caulk. With the strip mitre that I use, there is only one, and if installed correct and caulked with caulk that works well, your seamless gutters will never pull apart from ice and never leak! So make sure to know what is being used on your seamless gutters!